IT Salary Survey 2017: Tech pay holds tight (for now)

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If you had asked Samuel Vivian about the long-term prospects for his IT career at this time last year, he would have said, “It’s kind of iffy.”

Back in the United States after four years in India, where he found IT work during the recession, Vivian, 45, landed a job as a senior technical analyst at a large food processing company in Arkansas in 2015.

At the time, many other businesses in the region were opting for contract workers instead of full-time employees. “The message I was getting out of the job market was that nobody was confident enough to make any major investments or commit to any serious projects or hiring,” Vivian says.

Today, he has a newfound optimism buoyed by the strong pro-business stance of the new White House administration. “I think [the job market] is going to be a lot stronger this year,” he says. “Companies are suddenly talking about making billion-dollar investments in the U.S. again. They’re starting to talk about hiring large numbers of employees again. It makes me feel a lot more confident.”

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