Dell kills botched BIOS update that murdered punters’ PCs

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‘Call our tech support… have you tried turning it on and off again?’

Complaints about the release first emerged a week ago after Dell owners of the Inspiron 20 model 3052 and 20 3252 downloaded the software only to find their machine had died.

The support forum rapidly filled up with customers seeking answers but the only advice Dell had to give didn’t work – the power light came on but remained orange and the screen was blank.

Dell didn’t provide any comment to El Reg‘s first article but a spokesman got in touch today to reveal the company was “aware” the recent BIOS release had caused “some systems to fail to boot”.

“Dell has stopped the push of the affected BIOS version and urges impacted customers to contact Dell Tech Support,” he added.

The business has yet to tell us why this happened. ®

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