Phishing via SMS: How to protect yourself on your mobile device

For better or for worse, most of us are familiar with bank-related phishing attacks. Where a crook tricks you into clicking a link that appears to belong to your bank, and then presents you with a mock-up of their site hoping you’ll login and divulge your account details. The idea is that by making the […]

IBM shipped malware on USB sticks

Trojan found with Storwize initialisation tool. IBM is urging customers to destroy USB memory sticks shipped with Storwize flash and hybrid storage systems after discovering they contain dangerous malware. The USB drive contains an initialisation tool for the Storwize systems that has been infected with malware, IBM has advised. Affected models include drives with part number 01AC585 […]

IT leaders say current H-1B program works

The majority of IT leaders are happy with the H-1B visa program as is and say that proposed changes will make it harder to fill skilled IT roles, according to survey released by IT recruiting firm Harvey Nash this week. Following the Trump administration’s executive order earlier this month calling for restructuring the temporary skilled […]

Why swarm intelligence enhances business and bitcoin

Fish school. Birds flock. Bees swarm. A combination of real-time, biological systems blends knowledge, wisdom, opinions and intuition to unify intelligence. There’s no central control unit. These simple agents interact locally, within their environment, and new behaviors emerge. Swarm intelligence is the self-organization of systems for collective decentralized behavior. Swarm intelligence enables groups to converge […]

Digital success: 3 areas where you need to broaden your horizons

Allianz innovation executive Christian Locher, speaking at the Transform With the Best conference on digital business transformation, shared how his organization transformed itself through a digital initiative. There’s something Allianz and other successful organizations do. They all look far beyond the boundaries of traditional tech projects. In fact, they have broadened their horizons in three […]

Corporate culture will always matter

Like just about everything else we touch, Western civilization appropriates, abuses and then discards words and phrases with alarming regularity. But “corporate culture” is one buzzworthy phrase that might never die — it’s always going to matter. Requiem for the traditional workplace? Paul Michelman, editor in chief of the MIT Sloan Management Review, recently had […]

Retail CIO accelerates IT service delivery

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. – Brick-and-mortar retailers have struggled to change their corporate culture even as they’re swept along by the ecommerce tidal wave. That’s one lesson Gap Inc. CIO Paul Chapman has learned as he and the rest of the apparel conglomerate’s C-suite try to adopt a culture that prizes fast decision-making and agility. […]


A minimum viable product (MVP) is, according to the Wikipedia, “a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.” No doubt you have seen a meme about this in social media where this is depicted as a series of transportation methods that starts with a skateboard, then […]