Defence finally puts mammoth IT support deal to market

Wants new contract in place by next June. The Department of Defence has opened its massive end user support services deal to the market after years of delay in the hope that it will have new contracts in place by June next year. New deals across three seperate service towers will replace long-standing distributed computing […]

Outlook, Office 2007 slowly taken behind the shed, shots heard

Farewell, you’re out of extended support: No more updates, security fixes from Microsoft The cutoff has been coming for some time, of course, but if you’re of a nostalgic bent, the Outlook 2007 epitaph is here, and the somewhat longer (with more dates to absorb) Office 2007 farewell is here. With extended support ending for […]

How to plan a CRM project that’s guaranteed to fail

Nearly every cloud CRM project has attributes of winners and losers, and the project manager’s job is to get the best outcome possible given the resources and requirements.  But there are some project characteristics that almost guarantee a crummy outcome – in some cases irrespective of platform and the finesse of the project manager.  So […]

Should CIOs embrace green energy?

On the surface, this might seem like an obvious “Yes!” I can hear you yelling at your screen from here. But let’s slow down and take a step back. CIOs have a limited budget, with lots of existing demands on their financial resources. And, going greener could turn into a political battle. Is it wise […]

As an IT leader, what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

A successful business, regardless of the industry, has similar attributes. In my last article, I outlined gaining shared purpose as one of the patterns of successful companies. Lack of a shared purpose, in a business, foster silos where individual organization parts otherwise undermine the collective progress. Another pattern is how people in a business operate […]

The digital mindset at TIAA is all about their customers

When you are the head of Client Services and Technology at a 100-year-old financial services organization, you cannot take a “digital mindset” for granted. Rahul Merchant, who joined TIAA in 2015, tells us how he defines and cultivates digital thinking for the financial services firm with more than $954 billion in Assets Under Management. Hint: […]

10 signs your CRM system needs an overhaul

Nothing lasts forever and that includes CRM implementations. At first, your CRM system won praise for increasing productivity. Over time, the story has changed. Complaints from customer service, the sales department and other units have emerged. Through the corporate grapevine, you find out that users are quietly switching to “shadow CRM” arrangements such as using […]

Is the road to the C-suite a winding one?

Do you have what it takes to make it to the C-suite or reach the upper levels of management? The best route may be a winding one, according to research from LinkedIn and Burning Glass, a company that mines job openings for labor market trends. Based on these analyses of employment data, people whose careers […]